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We just love ice cream!

Home Sweet Cone® Ice Cream, also known as Home Sweet Cone, is an ice cream shop featuring homemade, premium hard ice cream in Waukee, Iowa. You’re probably asking yourself, “Premium ice cream, huh? What does that mean?” and we promise we’ll get to that! The story behind Home Sweet Cone is a little choppy, but here’s a quick overview.


In 2019, Colleen was on maternity leave and during this time she really started looking at what her local town and community needed. She narrowed in on the need for a homemade ice cream shop similar to the ones she grew up with on the East coast. She participated in an ice cream course taught by a successful business owner, and that really got her excited. In September of 2019 Colleen founded ‘Sundae Social Homemade Ice Cream’ and that was going to be the name of her shop. But, life had other plans… Colleen and Kevin found out Kevin (who is in the Iowa National Guard) would be deployed to Iraq in January 2021. At that point, they decided it was the best decision for their family to put the ice cream shop on hold until Kevin returned at the end of 2021. Colleen focused on her corporate job and they returned back to their normal life.

Fast forward to the fall of 2020, just months before Kevin was set to deploy and he suffered a back injury. This ultimately caused Kevin to no longer deploy with the National Guard and with that news, they decided it was the right time to reinvigorate the ice cream shop idea. The name, Sundae Social Homemade Ice Cream, was retired and Home Sweet Cone Ice Cream was born!

Why an ice cream shop? Colleen’s first job in Connecticut was working at a walk-up burger, hot dog and ice cream stand. Scooping ice cream and making shakes was a huge part of her responsibilities and to this day she has such fond memories of this part of her life! In 2010 she graduated with her Master’s degree in International Relations (ice cream is an international pleasure, right?) and at the time her parents and siblings relocated to Des Moines, Iowa for her dad’s job. Colleen followed along and since then has called Iowa home. One of the first tasks her family set out to do was find a new favorite pizza and ice cream spot. They struggled to find ice cream that reminded them of the spots they all grew up with and the quest has been on ever since. Over the years, Colleen always thought about how homemade ice cream was missing and what a great opportunity it would be to bring it to the area.

After 10 years in the corporate world, Colleen finally decided to leave everything she knew and take a risk becoming a first-time small business owner. Colleen is primarily leading the charge but not without the constant support from Kevin and his invaluable skills as an IT professional (it helps having a computer whiz in the family)! Thank you for visiting our site and we cannot wait to tell you more about Home Sweet Cone!


Premium ice cream, huh?

Yep, premium ice cream is exactly what we are making! There’s a fun little term called ‘butterfat’ that is a key component of determining the quality of ice cream. Did you know legally, as determined by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), for a product to be considered ice cream it must have at least 10% butterfat? Our product has 16% butterfat and consists of all natural ingredients in our ice cream mix. That means you should be able to pronounce everything on our ice cream base ingredient list! In addition to having the highest quality mix as the base of our ice creams, we’re using the best of the best ice cream maker (also known as a batch freezer) to produce our ice cream. Take the best quality mix and best performing machine, add in a lot of creativity and a whole lot of fun, and you get premium ice cream!

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