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Flavors with an asterisk (*) are in our normal rotating schedule.  
Flavors with (**) are considered seasonal and not always available

We post the daily flavors on our Instagram and Facebook stories so please check there to see what we are scooping!

Vanilla (GF)*: we use premium, double fold vanilla (basically double the vanilla taste in half the amount). This is blended with our sweet cream and will always be a classic. 

Strawberry (GF)*: our sweet cream blended with many pounds of strawberries and sugar.

Chocolate (GF)*: a creamy, decadent classic chocolate. 

Coffee Heath (GF)*: we took the regular coffee ice cream and added in bits of Heath Bar (chocolate & toffee). This flavor contains caffeine!

Cookie Monster*: the base is our Vanilla plus a small amount of blue food coloring. We add in chocolate chip cookies and Oreo cookies. 

Pistachio (GF)**: a creamy, nutty pistachio base with salted pistachio nuts added. 

Birthday Cake*: a birthday cake base with pieces of pound cake and a lot of rainbow sprinkles.

Banana Cream Pie**: banana pudding ice cream base with real bananas and Nilla wafers.

Cookies & Cream*: a white chocolate ice cream base with Oreo's folded in.

Mint Chip (GF)*: a sweet mint base with Andes mint pieces folded in.

Mint Oreo**: a sweet mint base with mint Oreo's folded in.

Apple Crisp**: an apple pie base made with real apples, cinnamon and sugar plus homemade apple crisp topping is folded in. 

Butter Pecan (GF)**: a nutty, butter pecan base with candied pecans folded in.

Salted Oreo*: Oreo's are blended into our sweet cream and sea salt is added for that salty/sweet experience. 

Cookie Dough Twist*: a perfect combo of Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream with cookie dough pieces. 

Red Velvet Cake**: a red velvet cake base with pieces of cake and cream cheese frosting. 

Chocolate Butterfinger (GF)*: our classic Chocolate with plenty of Butterfinger mixed in. 

Oatmeal Cream Pie*: a brown sugar and cinnamon base with pieces of oatmeal cream pies.

Blue Moon (GF)**: a mystery flavor...some say it reminds them of Froot Loops!

Raspberry Chip (GF)*: real raspberries blended with our sweet cream and chocolate chips. 

Salted Caramel (GF)*: a salted caramel base with swirls of caramel throughout.

Cake Batter*: if you like to lick the spoon, this is for you!

Coconut (GF)**: a coconut base with sweetened, shredded coconut

Brookie**: vanilla ice cream with homemade brownies and cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough*: classic vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips and cookie dough 

Strawberry Cheesecake**: strawberry ice cream with strawberry swirl and cheesecake pieces

Gooey Butter Cake**: cheesecake ice cream with homemade pieces of gooey butter cake

Orange Creamsicle (GF)**: a perfect blend of sweet cream and orange

Strawberry Shortcake**: vanilla ice cream with strawberry swirl and homemade strawberry shortcake crunch

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